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Philip Pelusi is a stylist, product artist and photographer, internationally recognized for his excellence in the salon industry. Services of Philip Pelusi are much sought after by discerning clients in and around New York. You can avail of their excellent, high quality services at discounted rates too with our Philip Pelusi Coupons.

Philip Pelusi created a unique hair care philosophy that has fast gained in popularity. He founded the SPACE Design center which is facility of art education in an orthodox Christian church that has been converted.


He provides skill certifications to more than 350 designers under him. Philip organizes seminars and different events for the owners of salon all over North America. Several requirements of different clients have been met by Philip with his trademarked and unique haircutting technique known as Volumetric. If you want to benefit from this path breaking technique just print out our Philip Pelusi coupons and visit your nearest salon. These printable coupons are available for free at our site any time you want a makeover.

P2 by Philip Pelusi is a famous product line created by him. Philip was named by InStyle as one of the best 10 hair stylist in the United States. Due to the phenomenal success of his techniques and products, independent salons started stocking them too. Philip Pelusi’s product line P2 offers products for comprehensive hair and skin care. At any of the Philip Pelusi salons, you can avail good discounts on products and services with our printable Philip Pelusi coupons.

The hair care philosophy of Philip Pelusi combines the best components of nature and modern science for preserving and creating hair fabric that is beautiful and younger looking as well as healthy scalp. Philip only uses the best quality of organic plant that is certified and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Then he creates his formula through the technology of micro emulsion. Any hair problems or hair texture is tamed by the diverse products of Philip with unlimited creativity. Hair’s integrity and investment of color is protected with the help of super strong sunscreens, moisturizers and strengtheners. You can benefit from his unique technique to enhance your hair texture in a cost effective manner with our Philip Pelusi coupons.

Cleanse shampoos of Philip Pelusi are the first step in the process of styling. These shampoos offer a wide range of cleansing effects for meeting all the shampooing requirements. All the shampoos of Philip gently cleanse and enhance the hair condition by adding body, weightless moisture and strength. Reach out for these high quality shampoos with our free coupons and avail great deals.


The Defend conditioners of Philip Pelusi help in creating your style by providing a huge range of conditioning effects for meeting the requirements of different types of hair textures. All of these conditioners are made up of advanced ingredients. These ingredients help in strengthening and binding weightless moisture for the improvement of the hair fabric condition. They provide great body to the hair, detangle, protection from tremendous heat and shine. The P2 products of hair care from Philip Pelusi have the best ingredients that are high tech and advanced. Big results are produced by technology of big science. Benefit from any or all of their products at discount prices with our Philip Pelusi coupons.

Philip Pelusi Coupons are available exclusively for those looking for the best hair care and skin care treatment. There are free coupons for different members of the family on offer. You can use a Philip Pelusi Coupon for any services of Philip Pelusi like salon and spa services as well as buying various hair care, skin care and cosmetic products.