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Vidal Sassoon is famous for creating innovative hairstyles. This name is now a well known brand for products related to hair care sold worldwide. The works of Vidal Sassoon includes unique hairstyles namely the Nancy Kwan and geometric perms. All of these are modern and needs low maintenance.

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Sassoon’s hairstyles are worked on straight, shiny and dark hair that is cut into different geometric but organic shapes. In the year 1963 an angular and short hairstyle was created by Sassoon that was cut over a horizontal plane. By this he recreated the classic style of bob cut.

The geometric haircuts of Sassoon are severely cut. But they were totally free from lacquer and relied on hair’s natural shine for effect. Sassoon is a key force behind hair styling’s commercial direction. If you are adventurous and want to try out any of the stunning hair styles, just print out our Sassoon Studio coupons and walk into the nearest salon.

Sassoon’s salons were also bought by former colleagues who obtained the right of using his name. This way the brand name was extended into salons all over the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2002 supercuts Corporation bought the salons of Vidal Sassoon. Print out our Sassoon Studio coupons and benefit from great deals.

The Sassoon salons have the finest and best stylists as well as colorists who are professionally trained. They offer the haircuts and coloring techniques that are crafted by Sassoon and use the products of the brand to evolve and create different types of sophisticated looks that are loved by the clients. Our free coupons provide access to these services

The Sassoon salons work on hair in the natural state by treating hair as an organic material. They apply precision technique by considering what styles will suit a person. Original bespoke design of hair is created on the basis of ultimate suitability. Benefit from expert advice and inputs in a cost effective manner with Sassoon Studio coupons.

There is a wide range of Sassoon products that are tailored in a special way for sharpening the looks of the clients. These products strengthen and protect the hair. The Sassoon products act subtly and invisibly and enhance the movement and shape. Sassoon Studio coupons printed out from our site can offer you great deals on any of these products.


These hair care products are not superfluous and help you in recreating your sophisticated looks with ease. A light hair that is conditioned perfectly and moves freely is what a good hair cut is all about. An optimal conditioning formula is incorporated in all products of Sassoon. Use our Sassoon Studio coupons to avail discounts on these products.

There are different products for colored and natural hair. Illuminating clean is a shampoo made for colored hair. This is a superior shampoo and protects the color of hair without adding more weight. This shampoo can be used together with Vibrant Condition, which is a daily conditioner for hair that is colored.

Vibrant Condition provides long lasting vibrancy. Deep Treat is a moisture product on weekly basis that boosts colored hair that is deeply invigorate. The different products of Sassoon for natural hair are:

Sheer Clean shampoo for medium hair
Precision Clean shampoo for any type of hair.
Luxuriant Clean shampoo for damaged or dry hair
Advance condition which provides hydration
Halo Hydrate which is a conditioning mist
Intense Restore.

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