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Toni and Guy is a great hair salon with great hair cut coupons! By coming to this page you can learn more about these leading London hair cutters and get coupons. Winning 4 of the 5 most hotly contested Sapphires franchise salon awards recently in London and becoming home of the young and talented award. This is a great place to look if you are interested in a great haircut from award winning young and talented in the UK. However, there are also a few lucky joints in the U.S. and this top hair salon is slowly moving forward in the worlds top hair cutters!

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Earlier in the year Toni and Guy had the great opportunity to play a part in sponsoring the elite high-fashion cat walk show at Royal Askot, showcasing the best of Britain. By placing their mark on the fashion and hair cut industry all over the world. Toni and Guy is definitely a company you can expect to franchise more to the U.S.! If you are interested in seeing or receiving some of their coupon offers. Now would be a great time to start looking into this hair salon and getting coupons!
Containing a partnership with “Elite Model look of the Year” they are also in the entire mix of fashion, what is in and what is out. Simply by asking their hair cutters who often go to these fashion show and are in many cases involved in them. It has even been heard of many hair cutters being part of the fashion shows and cutting hair as a side job. You can find out a ton about fashion and what will work best for you! If you are interested in the best styles and appearances of the world. This is the place to look!


Another thing that has been well known as a part of the hair cut phenomenon on Toni&GUY is that it is directly related to the media and as mentioned earlier, the fashion. If you want to get in with the latest fashions of the British empire which now has a few in the U.S. then this is the place to come!
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